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Zoe Kleinman is a leading technology journalist and presenter with more than ten years of broadcasting experience and a passion for all things tech.

From cyber-security and hacking to artificial intelligence and driverless cars, she brings tech stories to a global audience of millions across radio, TV and online including BBC News, BBC World News, the BBC World Service and Radio 4's Today.

She also travels the world in search of the next big thing. She has raced drones in the Nevada desert, spent the night in a house full of robots, been turned into a human beatbox, climbed Mount Everest (virtually, in a hotel room in Las Vegas, in a VR headset) and survived 48 hours spending only Bitcoin on the Isle of Man.

A confident and entertaining speaker who is in demand as a host, chair, panellist and lecturer, Zoe's expertise and knowledge of the tech sector is brought to life by her engaging style.

Zoe is a great networker who enjoys meeting and engaging with people from all walks of life.

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Zoe Kleinman with precious metals

Precious metals

Zoe explores the precious elements in our devices.

Zoe Kleinman

Tech Tent

Zoe presents the BBC World Service's technology show.

Zoe Kleinman

Fake News

Zoe explains fake news for BBC World News.

Gaming Loot

Zoe reports on the kids spending hundreds on games.


Have we stopped believing what we see online?


A gadget special of the Scummy Mummies podcast.



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